Bed & Breakfast Karun is located at a quiet location in small village Pšenična Polica with a view on Krvavec. Friendly reception staff will direct you in one of the 14th modern equipped rooms. Accommodation is equipped in modern rustic style, where you will be able to rest and enjoy in variety activities.

We are located 6 km from the Airport Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana, 5 km from Skiresort Krvavec, 25 km from Ljubljana and 38 km from Bled.


Bed & Breakfast Karun is equipped in modern rustic style. Oak wood furniture and wram colours, especially dark red-brown colour is the ˝silver thread˝ of our accommodation. With this coporate design we would like to make you feel home and realxed.


We offer you fresh and delicious breakfast from best local food available. We want you to enjoy your time here healty and happy.



Learn about natural and cultural Heritage of Cerklje, introduced by local guides. Enjoy in locals hospitality. Cerklje has leading position in an annual competition for the tidiest small town in Slovenia. The results of the recent study show that Cerklje inhabitants have the best quality of life among 211 Slovenian municipality.


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