Relaxing experience and rest in VIP Wellness Rosa and Zarja.

VIP Wellness Zarja is located in the accommodation facility Bed & Breakfast Karun just below Krvavec. Wellness Zarja impresses you with the smell of larch and overheat in a massive sauna from the forests below Krvavec. The wooden bathtub and massage shower are provided for cooling. Comfortable deck chairs are provided for rest. In the Wellness Zarja, we tried to choose as many natural materials as possible from the immediate surroundings.

VIP Wellness Rosa is the complete opposite of the dawn and is intended to release the respiratory tract and restoration of the skin. Pleasantly relax in the steam sauna as used by the ancient Romans. The skin restoration is provided by a crystal bath made of Piran salt pans that releases, detoxifies and rejuvenates.

VIP WELLNESS ZARJA AND ROSA together present, combine a perfect relaxation corner for small individual groups, by prior agreement. Zarja and Rosa complement each other in a common wellness unit.

VIP Wellness Rosa for two persons

Private space which includes:

Steam sauna

Massage tub

2x towels, 2x sheets, tea and fruits

VIP Wellness ZARJA for two persons

Private space which includes:

Finnish or Infra sauna

Massage shower

Wooden tub for cooling

2x towels, 2x sheets, Tea and fruit